Bryan Casper Chan

Metro Manila, Philippines · +63 927 580 5154 · [email protected]

I am a product manager by trade and a problem solver at heart. I love trying new things out to make things better. It makes me happy to bring those changes into reality and to see the lives of other people improve because of those changes.

Bryan Casper Chan


Senior Product Manager

Kalibrr Technology Ventures

Built the product management and design teams from scratch, establishing the foundations for an agile learning organization based on the Lean Startup methodology. Led the creation of a new success-based product vertical as a low-touch, high ARPU product for SMEs. Worked directly with the COO to create Kalibrr's product strategies and then led the product development team to turn these strategies into roadmaps that we executed. Gathered, consolidated, and analyzed data from the different parts of the business to help executives prepare for fundraising activities. Collaborated with other department heads for the organization to embrace the creation of great candidate experience in our day to day processes. Launched product integrations with Google Jobs and Facebook Jobs which are now among Kalibrr’s top jobseeker acquisition channels. Launched iterations of our search and filtering experiences for Enterprise clients that enabled them to be more specific about the kind of candidates they’re looking for. This led to an increase of 30% in the median number of invites sent by clients to candidates, and a 40% decrease in the median time it took for them to first invite someone (for new clients). Served as a technical project manager for client-specific integrations with key Enterprise clients

October 2017 - Present

Product Operations Manager

Kalibrr Technology Ventures

Managed internal tools used by various stakeholders and helped manage the day-to-day operations of the Kalibrr website. Served as the escalation point for bugs and feature requests from stakeholders. Reduced Mean-Time-To-Close (MTTC) for bugs from ~10 days to ~3 days. Improved the overall response rate to issues by introducing automations that improved T3 Support quality of life. Drove the creation of tutorials to transfer knowledge for doing Fulfillment Requests (FRs), which helped onboard new developers, and led to a decreased onboarding time for new developers.

June 2017 - October 2017

Product Manager for Growth and Internal Tools

Kalibrr Technology Ventures

Growth: Responsible for the overall jobseeker growth strategy of the company. Worked with cross-functional teams with members from sales, partnerships, customer success, marketing, engineering, and design to launch various initiatives to improve jobseeker signups and conversion rate (signup to application). Internal Tools: Transformed internal tools from being a support function of Product to being a core part of internal processes. More than 50% of the entire company use Kalibrr's internal tools on a daily basis (DAU) and ~90% of the company used it at least once a month (MAU). Identified process inefficiencies and developed tools to solve those problems for several departments in the company. Developed dashboards that were highly utilized by senior management for both strategic decisions and operational improvements.

January 2017 - June 2017

Data Scientist

Kalibrr Technology Ventures

Worked on business cases and did business analysis to provide the company with insights that drove the company strategy for growth in 2016. Built various Business Intelligence Dashboards ranging from real-time tracking of key objective metrics to month-end revenue reporting. Built an in-house CRM to be able to gather sales team productivity data and sales data. Assisted the team lead in managing the day to day business analysis request from the other teams.

January 2016 - January 2017

Software Engineer

Kalibrr Technology Ventures

July 2015 - January 2016

Information and Decision Solutions Intern

Procter & Gamble

April 2014 - July 2014

Volunteer Work



Found speakers, venues, and handled logistics for the monthly events. Wrote articles about past events. Occasionally hosted the events

July 2017 - Present

Chief Operating Officer (COO)


We gathered a team of software engineers, product designers, and product managers who care deeply about building an Atlassian for archaic B2B Verticals in SEA. We're building B2B Software for the next gen of Tycoons in Southeast Asia by empowering them with internal tools to operate alongside 3rd party integrations with industry and business applications. After successfuly implementing the first phase, we will then layer on top a marketplace supported by the robust internal tools we've set up.

February 2018 - Present


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University of the Philippines, Diliman

Summa Cum Laude, GWA: 1.126

2011 - 2015

Secondary Education

Grace Christian College

2006 - 2011

Other Interests

Apart from being a product manager, I also enjoy a bit of data analysis and web development. I'm also a pretty big fan of video games, anime, and getting a good hard massage.